Why does my Rift look noticeably better with a DP-HDMI adapter?


Sep 7, 2005
Digital signal, 1s and 0s, only if defective, etc.

Now that that's out of the way, I did my own little blind test where I kept the HMD on and my wife would randomly connect either the default HDMI or the adapter. I am a rational and skeptical person, but there is a major quality increase when using the adapter. I don't think it's the adapter itself but something to do with my card, driver, system, or color settings that is different when outputting to DP and HDMI.

Could it be due to a problem with the HDMI out on my card or a software setting?
Sounds weird, can you define "better"? Is it looking less washed out? (as in the difference between 0-255 and 16-255).
I don't think the drivers should treat the Rift as a TV but...
Try setting your HDMI output range to full instead of limited in the Nvidia drivers and tell us what happens.
Yeah, sounds like an RGB range thing. I doubt the actual quality is different.