which Blu-ray media to get?


Sep 27, 2010
so... i think i'm finally going to switch to Bluray burning for my data but i've run into an issue.

I have no idea which media to get. For dvds, i always got Taiyo Yuudens as i always spent the extra bucks to ensure data integrity but i'm trying to find info on BDR media and... well...

there isn't much information. I figured i would get verbatim but i heard that their quality has really gone down with BDR's so i just don't know which one to get now.

Any suggestions?

oh i don't suppose anyone knows if WH08LS20K supports LTH media or not? I emailed LG and they told me to check the manual (horrible service there) but LTH media was released after the drive was so that does me no good