What to charge for a website critique?


Limp Gawd
Sep 8, 2001
An e-commerce company I used to work for and with whose owners I am friendly approached me to perform a complete website critique in addition to some other commissioned design work I am doing for them. I am wondering what would be appropriate to charge for such a critique.

The document is in professional style, properly formatted and well-written
It is 15 pages long not including title page and table of contents, about 3500 words and a dozen screen shots
I critiqued the site on such factors as Mission and Purpose, Search Engine Optimization, Target Audience Needs Met, Accessibility, Usability, Information Architecture, Navigation, Look and Feel, Shopping Cart Analysis, and a section of miscellaneous small corrections to be made
It will take me about 11-12 hours to complete from start to finish

I do not do website critiques for a living, however I have been designing websites for small companies on and off throughout high school and college and I helped overhaul design and graphic elements for this company's website for 2 summers. I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about this sort of thing, but certainly it's not my career.

Any thoughts? I need to submit my invoice by Friday.

PS: This is a very small company of 5-10 employees with not very much revenue, but enough to pay its employees and support the owners modestly I suppose.


Mar 28, 2008
I'm not sure, but a good place to check is elance.com to see what people are charging for that line of work.


ViragoAdmin Emeritus
May 27, 2000
It will take me about 11-12 hours to complete from start to finish
What is your time worth per hour? You want at least a minimum in that regard.

But I would also consider the value your analysis brings to the company.


Supreme [H]ardness
Jan 18, 2001
I decided a long time ago to always charge the same hourly rate - no matter what I do.

The reason for this is because I would charge less for some tasks (maintenance, etc) and more for others (design, development, etc), and even more for others (programming). Than when my clients picked up on this, they would only hire me for maintenance issues, and than find new, cheaper people to do everything else.

So if I were you, I'd set an hourly rate for ALL the work I would be doing (not just on this job, but in general), and stick to it. I of course can't tell you how much to charge, that's up to you to decide.

I know for a critique that long, that took me that many hours to complete, I would want at least $200+. It's really not a critique, so much as a professional consultation.