What mode for this wifi setup ? and what device...


Nov 21, 2019
HI, I have apartment "topology" like on screen and want connect my devices (computer, laptop, NAS) by copper patchcords. There is a distance from saloon where my Cisco cable modem and Wireless Netgear router. I can't roll cable (long story why) to my room, so wanna connect by Wifi and have some RJ45 interfaces at my desk available to connect my devices in my room. What device do you suggest ? What mode to connect to Netgear ? And why this one ? Just now I have crappy Netgear with "G" standard which was enough up to today but will replace it in next month. My net is 150mbit, static external IP. Just now this old Netgear is used too to deliver wifi signal to SmartTV to son's room but when Youtube on 1080p then buffering all time - on 720p is ok. I know that's by "g" standard and brick wall so wanna replace it too and wanna have rock-solid 1080p on SmartTV and over 100mbit on my devices in my room too. For me it's upgrade cos I sleept "n" era and now wanna jump in AC ;) Also VPN to connect from external would be fine to share my PLEX.

Normally in my home is max 5-6 wifi devices (Smartphones, tablet, laptop) connected (just now to this crappy Netgear)
Attached screen with topology.


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You can use two routers that support DDWRT and set up a wireless bridge between them as one option..

And yes, do yourself a favor and get rid of that wireless G router.
For your new router, look at ones with multiple radios. That way your son's TV can be on one and other devices can use other radios. Be sure to check the capabilities of your user devices to make sure they can use the new features/bands of the new wifi router. If most of your existing devices are also limited to G, a new router won't help much.
thanks guys for your reply.....

1. About multiple radios - should it be model with MU-MIMO (AC Vawe2) ? Please paste example models from your experience , if 2 devices required then preferably max 150$ per device.
2. Most ot the devices are on 2,4GHz only (tablet, smartphones, SmartTV, only Iphone XR is 5GHz capable), but I want etabilish radio-link connection between these routers using 5GHz link for higher bandwith - this way SmartTV in my son's room can stream from NAS in my room, so in fact content will "fly" on 2 hops - from NAS in my room to salon new router and second - from salon to SmartTV - or is it possible that SmartTV will connect directly to wifi router in my room ?