What is the connector called for joining phone cable?


Jul 10, 2001
Hey everyone. I'm trying to find the name of the connector used to join raw phone cable. Normally if it was electrical wire you would just twist the ends together and be done, but I've seen something used in phone applications that does this better. Think of it as a phone wire nut, except one half is clear and the other half is colored (I've seen red, blue, and green) and I think it may be crimped together.

Supposedly this makes a better, airtight, connection.

Any help is appreciated!

Z3Px said:
scotch locks

Those are the twisty ones, he means the little cicles with 2 wire inlets along one side, you crimp it with a pair of pliers, and they are filled with a water resistant goo.

I know what you mean, but I have no idea what they are called.
I'll be watching the thread to find out myself.
This looks like what you are talking about. If that funky link doesn't work, search for catalog # 64-3081on radioshack's website. Unfortunately they just call them crimp-on telephone connectors, so that might not help in the search.

edit: not sure what the difference is, but radio shack also has the red ones.
there are several types of Scotchloks available. I do a lot of phone work, and I use beanies to splice phone cable. The manufacturer is Dolphin Components. They are available filled or unfilled.
yeah, dolphin beanies rox. i used to install a lot of security systems, and i always used the white ones in the security panel box and keypad, and the blue gel filled ones outside in the phone box.
Thanks for the tips guys. The Dolphin connectors look awesome, but I'm having trouble finding a supplier. Any help?
try an alarm supplier like Alarmax or ADI (although I personally do not like them), or an electrical supplier like Graybar. I get mine from my dad's work and I'm not sure who they get them from. By the way: how many do you need? If it's just a few I can send you some. Let me know!

you can buy GE "beanies" at lowes for like 4 or 5 bucks for a pack of them. Ask them where their multimedia stuff is (network/phone/coax) and youll be in and out in a flash. Ideal makes some nices ones as well.