What is everyone playing now?

i just started playing WoW again since WotLK, liking it.
Just discovered DOTA 2 and I'm addicted.

Hit me up on Steam if you want to slap some people around in Dota 2. drawmonster is my steam name. Goes for any other Dota2 addicts.

Same here, getting so addicted to DotA2. Ironic that I called the first game stupid a few years back. It is like it got so good and popular just to prove me wrong...

Vayne4800 on steam.
I started playing League of Legends 4 months ago. First MOBA game and I'm liking it so far. It does eat up a ton of time though.
Currently playing:
League of Legends (Making a climb back to gold then to plat eventually)
Defiance (Getting a bit bored, but determined to finish the game)
Tales of Graces (Pretty much done with it, all I have to do is beat the future arc then zhonecage)

That's really it for now, it is more or less league of legends as of right now though.
Nothing really at the moment, I just finished Tomb Raider and Hitman Absolution and now waiting for Metro Last Light, Grid 2 and Final Fantasy XIV. I will probably play some Red Alert 3 again in the meanwhile.
Finished Bioshock Infinite a while ago. Haven't really felt like playing Hitman absolution yet. Hopefully I'll have the urge / free time to play that this weekend :p
- Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars/Kane's Wrath
- Quake 1 Epsilon (Darkplaces) and expansion packs
- Unreal 1 and Operation Na Pali via Oldskool / Unreal Tournament
SSFIV: AE 2013

Working on Witcher 1 before going to Witcher 2 since my friend boast how good the second one is. Also some Crysis 3, which is a pain because I have to turn my fan speeds up on my case and gpu every time I play it or else it will overheat.
Most active: Dota 2, Hawken
Now and then: Borderlands 2, Monster Hunter 3DS, Persona 4 Golden
Slowly trying to finish: Bioshock Infinite, Far Cry 3
starcraft 2, diablo 3, world of warcraft. bored to tears of all three, but to stingy to buy a new game. thinking about trying tera online, and going back to rift june 12 when its free.
Finally getting around to Mass Effect 3 after owning it for more than a year.
It's as tedious as I feared, but at least the combat is a challenge this time.
Neverwinter now takes up 100% of my gaming time although I did find myself doing some Blacklight: Retribution the other night with a few friends and having a blast.
WoW takes up most of my time, but I have and am getting ready to start Metro 2033/Last Light, FC3: Blood Dragon, and Dead Space.
A mix of FC3 Blood Dragon and Metro Last Light.
Dead Space 3 is also on my list.
Started a new Skyrim character and am modding the crap out of it now that I have a video card that can max things out. Crazy how much I missed out on the first playthrough. Some of these mods are brilliant.
first time in a long time nothing.... just quit Eve, kinda tired of everything else.

I just boxed up my 360 im trying to sell it and i preordered an X1... so now i guess i wait for something interesting to play like hearthstone on the PC and X1 titles..=\
My friend is trying to launch a casual F2P 3D tank shooter called Tank Ranger. I've been trying it out but its a bit empty at the moment since it just launched. Hopefully others may give it a shot (no pun intended). It's pretty fun and challenging when playing against others. For now I'll have to cope with playing AI bots.

If anyone wants to try it, it's at tankranger.com
Currently I'm playing Company of Heroes 2, which I think is a very solid game. The only thing that bugs me is the unit pathing in the game. It just doesn't seem as responsive.

I may consider picking up FFXIV. I haven't played the beta but I've heard pretty good things about it so far. What are everyone's thoughts that did play?
Borderlands 2,Hitman:Absolution and Tomb Raider

shit didn't know I had to prior post please excuse:D
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Currently playing Blacklight Retribution, TF2, L4D2 on multiplayer mode, and just started Tomb Raider ( i just finished Far Cry 3).
Kind of sitting idle for last 4 weeks and maybe more ahead. . . .waitng for another FPS or similar in the first person. Nailed all the current stuff Metro LL (and current DLC), Skyrim (and official DLC), FC3, Dead Island Rip, Deus X, Crysis 3, etc.
I'm working on a few games:

Picked up a 3DS last weekend so I'm playing Luigi's Mansion and Fire Emblem on there

On the PC side

Civ V Brave New World
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
Borderlands 2 (when I feel like getting people to play)
Shadowrun Returns
I will probably start Crysis 3 at some point.