What is everyone playing now?


Aug 23, 2010
Fell off the planet, got sucked into SWTOR with some local friends, got sick of the game so I stopped playing.

I've fallen back into BF3 which I've really been enjoying again. It's been over a year since i played a FPS game. Also picked up CS:GO and BO2 but I have yet to even play them.
I've put 143 hours into BF3. I don't really see myself going back for more than an occasional round now and then.

I've started playing EVE Online--dangerously addictive. It's like I'm paying to do work. And enjoying it somehow :confused:

I'm getting very concerned that most of my Steam backlog will never see the light of day. Definitely want to get to Batman Arkham City (Catwoman + 3D Vision = :))

I'm playing through Far Cry 3 right now. Started playing Far Cry (1) yesterday too, I think I'm going to replay that one all over again. Never could get into Far Cry 2.
Hmm, i have 3 eve online accounts, totally forgot about that game. I have one active account, i removed the sub from the other two. I might need to give that game another go.
Far Cry 3, with random Metro 2033 cause I got it for free, MechWarrior Online cause I hate myself and reloaded Borderlands 2 for DLC. And Skyrim when im really bored cause I still haven't finished it, let alone bought DLC. Tried Hawken demo for 15 minutes and deleted it and Planetside 2 for a few days and deleted that one also, fuck Sony games.
How is FC3? I have not played a PC game in many years or even bought one since Forged Alliance...Seems like every new game isnt as good as the old ones...Really enjoyed max payne1, FEAR, ect Far Cry 1 was awesome but didn't like 2 either..Just watched a video of FC3 looks more like 1 than 2...Really no good games..Wondering how aliens will turn out but most of the alien predator games werent too good...
FC3. But trying to beat it now. Just want to say that I beat it, getting bored of killing animals and taking outposts.
I'm really enjoying FC3, but I think I might be getting to "sick of killing animals and taking outposts"

I've crafted most of what I want, I might go blitz the rest of the radio towers and outposts and then finish the game. Don't get me wrong, I like the RPG elements, but it seems they can detract from the main storyline.
Bastion, NBA 2K13, F1 2012, and TF2 or L4D2 when I want to play an FPS.
Mainly League of Legends at the moment but planning to make a return to BF3 soon with all the new expansions and such.
Gave my main PC to my grandmother before I moved and My tablet broke, so I am playing Diablo 2 on my 8 yr old laptop......anyone up for some killing :)
Been watching a few EVE Online Let's Play videos - the game looks amazing. I have 3 accounts, but haven't played in about 3 years. I'm trying to come up with reasons not to start up again because it is seriously addicting. I should probably log on and do something with the billions of ISK sitting there.
I picked Dark Souls up randomly after the most recent patch and I'm having a blast with it. It's one of those games that you really have to have some background on to truly enjoy...either that or like me, restart it once you do kind of understand how it works.
I'm also playing AC3 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
was playing league of legends for a while but gave it up and went back to play Eve again.

Been watching a few EVE Online Let's Play videos - the game looks amazing. I have 3 accounts, but haven't played in about 3 years. I'm trying to come up with reasons not to start up again because it is seriously addicting. I should probably log on and do something with the billions of ISK sitting there.

just give it all to me, i'll put it to good use :p

but if you do get back into eve make sure you do it before January 4th so you still get all the Christmas stuff.
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Haven't been playing much lately. Picked up all the premium content for BF3 so I should be playing that again. May have to pick up Farcry 3 with all the people that seem to be having a good time with that game in this thread.
So far I put 50 hours into Dark Souls, its really good. Also I got borderlands 2 for xmas but didnt play it yet at all due to dark souls.
Bf3, Fc3, Chivalry; Medieval times, CSS, Planet Side 2, Saint Rows the Third, Sleeping dogs, L4D2, ACIII, and tf2.

I know it seems like a lot but when your not able to do much do to medical reasons you have a lot of time on your hands. I always have and always will enjoy BF3 even though it was a lot of bugs in it. Fc3 i just started and seems awesome. Haven't played much of SP but co-op and multiplayer is amazingly fun. Chivalry is on steam and for how simple it is it is absolutely amazing. CSS will always get a refreshment play by me. PS2 was fun but haven't played it lately. SRT3 is my substitute for my GTA days. I just got L4D2 but I don't enjoy the versus mode when ur the undead or w.e. I am a bit disappointed with ACIII but I have only done online play. and tf2 I only play briefly(not that big of a fan of it yet because I haven't adjusted to it yet. I might check out crysis 2 since I got it for free with a gpu.
I've been playing a ton of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare recently. Took advantage of the free weekend that happened recently and absolutely loved it. Bought it that same day and I've been playing it consistently ever since. I'm actually disappointed in myself for passing on the Kickstarter for the game. Was a huge fan of Age of Chivalry and had been following it ever since the forum announcement, but I decided to hold off for some reason. Ah well.

Other than that It's been a little bit of Skyrim (107 hours and I still haven't touched the main story. Burnt myself out.) as well as some Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, Tera Online, and Orcs Must Die 2.

Planning to start up on Dark Messiah of Might and Magic soon. I've heard so much good about the combat in that game and just never had the chance to pick it up until recently. Pretty excited there. :)
BF3, Dota2, Black Ops 2, Chivalry

and waiting on Sim City 5.
SP: Starcraft 2 HotS, Torchlight 2 and soon Infinite.
MP: SFxT, SSF4AE, Dota 2, BF3 and BLOPS 2 (obviously, whatever I fancy at a certain day).
Warframe F2P shooter MMO that mimics Mass Effect 3 online mechanics. It's on Steam.
BF3, RO2, and Dling Medal Of Honor Warfighter.

Steam; Tipsysmile
Origin; Snapshoota

Add me, I need some people other than morons to play with. :D
Far Cry 3
Guild Wars 2
Marvel Heroes Beta
Crysis 2 (and then 3)
and of course

Bioshock Infinite
God Of War AC, BL2, and Fight Night Champion. I want to get FC3 i hear nothing but good things about it.
Assassin's Creed 3(huge fucking game), STALKER Call of Pripyat, DayZ, War Thunder, and CS:GO are what I've mostly been playing.
Month Ago: League of Legends and StarCraft 2

Now: BF3 and Borderlands 2
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Minecraft, Don't Starve, BF3, FC3, FLT, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Farming Simulator 2013
I just picked up Dark Souls.....Amazing in a fuck you kind of way. Requires controller despite what anyone says....but everyone should already have a usb xbox controller by now.

Still Playing BF3 just went premium a few weeks ago.

Still playing D3 though only a few hours a week while watching daily show and shit.

Playing Fire Emblem and Etrian Odyssey 4 on 3DS both are excellent.