What game have you logged the most hours on?

Over 6k hours and you still don't have all the achievements yet FeelsBadMan

Fah. Achievements are for babies. I don't play TF2 for achievements, hats, loot or memes.

Everytime someone asks me for help on an achievement- I send them to dank corner of the map and send the spies there.
I think it has to be 7 Days to Die with Steam logging over 1200 hours, with Stellaris closely behind at 850+ hours.
Banished is relatively close at 500+, along with Space Engineers. If I added all Out of the Park Baseball versions 17-22 that would be about 500+ total also.

Now the wife has 800+ hours in Regency Solitare and close to that in the eight different flavors of Fairy Solitare ;)