What Distro of linux are you running?


Dec 27, 2000
Just kinda curious about what everyone is running. I have been running Gentoo myself for about a year. Today I just deleted my WindowsXP drive (80 gigs) and dedicated it to linux storage :cool:
I use Gentoo as well. I think I'm gonna scrap my Windows partition soon and make the comp a dedicated Gentoo machine.
i'm running debian on slave drive only cause my win2k pro install is f*cked. But i'm very happy with linux, play all hte games i want to (well the ones i like).
On my BP6 - Mandrake 10.1 "cooker" kernel (Dual boots with NT4 - not booted into NT for over a month now)

On my k7s5a - Mandrake 10 CE with official updates kernel 2.6.3 (Dual boots with win98)

On my P4 laptop - Gentoo 2004.0 LiveCD kernel 2.6.2 (*I think*) (also has xp on the hdd) - I'm hoping to make my own live cd at some point and have my 6 GB Archos usb hdd as storage, also adding support for in a 128 Mb usb drive too.

On the family iMac - That's still running OSX 10.2.8.... for now :)

I hope to be building an AMD 64 system in the next few weeks - bet you can't guess what that will be running...
I was running Gentoo for a while, but I got tired of waiting for stuff to compile :rolleyes:. I'm now using Fedora Core 2, and I'm loving it. Hell, even the g/f has no problem using it!
I used to run Slackware when I ran Linux...Probably about four years ago. Now I run FreeBSD.

I'm stuck with Red Hat and Fedora at work.
Knoppix is installed on a 10 gb partition of my laptop just to mess around with, the other 20 gb partiotion is windows xp sp1
fedora core 2 for the moment because i was cleaning out hdds, etc, and didnt want to fuck around with gentoo but i'll be going back to that in a few days :)
I'm using Fedora Core 1. It's been working great, but took some time to get up and running in the beginning (mostly stuff that wasn't working needed to be updated). I'm trying to snag some Core 2 discs from somebody because I'm still stuck on dial-up and can't download the ISOs myself.
Debian on a server at work, Fedora core one on laptop and old machine. Soon to have Smoothwall or debian on my shitb0x.
Used to run Slack 9.1, have been working with Gentoo now for about 6 months. Will be turning my gaming pc into a Gentoo box once I have everything in order.
Mandrake 10 CE

It was very exciting installing it, since I've never done the whole dl ISO/burn/install things, I've always gone off magazine cd's before. I've only got a 4gb partition for linux though so I didn't want to go with anything more substantial until I get a new HD.
gentoo on an old laptop

and gentoo will soon make my main rig a dual boot with xp (gonna happen over summer)
Slack on my Dual 733 Xeon server,I have played with Fedora core 1 and 2 but i dont like the Fedora line its just not what it was suposed to be,played with Mandrake and i liked it,Going to try Knoppix on my play rig i hear good thinngs so we shall see.
see sigs. Since i test all kinds of things i have several distros running on different machines... its nice and all of them work well... the only distro i really dont like is Mandrake for soem reason....
mandrake 10 on my dual xeon 933 here at work

fedora core 2 & windows xp on my emachines m5310 laptop
RH9 on an old laptop and Yellow Dog an old rev. A bondi blue iMac, sort of. It's installed, but barely runs because it only has 32MB of RAM. I'll be upgrading that, so it can at least be a cheap internet pc.
Home is a WinXP desktop, but a FreeBSD 5.0 server and a x86 Darwin machine for putting around on.

Work is a couple debian machines and a Windows XP machine and a OSX machine. Now if only I could get Windows to be able to mount HFS+ and OSX to mount a NTFS :)
Gentoo on two boxes, one a Sun Ultra 10, the other an AMD Athlon 2500+ Barton box. Love it so far, and as a rule of thumb, compiling doesn't take all that long to do.
Fedora Core 2 on my main computer
Cobind on my spare computer (though i may change it to slack at a later date)
Red Hat 8 and Fedora core 2 dual booted with win2k on my spare pc. (500Mhz) Tried Mandrake 9.2 didnt really like it.
Formerly an admin of- FreeBSD 4.4 - 5.2 servers, OpenBSD 3.0 gateway, Gentoo 1.4 servers and workstations, Solaris 8 workstations and servers

At home- Overclockix 3.4 (my own custom Knoppix)