What can I buy to carry my HUGE laptop in?


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Mar 17, 2004
I recently brought a nice new laptop, a Dell E1705. At first I thought to myself, hey I'm going to buy a Timbuk2 bag, and it'll fit my lappy, since most Timbuk2 can get PRETTY big. Then it occured to me that my laptop is HUGE! It's 15.5 inches wide, 11.3 inches deep and 1.6 inches thick! Now I had my sights set on the Laptop Messenger bag from Timbuk2, and when I looked at the dimensions, I realized that it won't fit! (By the site's reccomendiations) Now I don't have anything to carry my laptop around it! Does anyone know if the latop actaully fits in this bag? Or does anyone know of another messenger type styled bag that can carry the laptop?

If it helps my latop used to be also called the 9300. :D
I just got myself one of those RoadWired bags, it's awesome!! They have a big one for 17" widescreen notebooks. here
You're welcome. I've been around enough to know that you can almost always get the bag you want if you're willing to get it online.
I got the giant Ogio bag for my E1705. The laptop fits kind of tight but there's tons of room for toting around extra crap. I don't think they make it any more but you may still be able to get it from www.jinx.com
if you want, i have a targus xl backpack that im looking to sell. its brand new, i never used it with the inspiron 9300 i used to have. its been sitting in my closet for months, i would sell it to you much much cheaper than any of those bags in the links that have been posted.

shoot me a pm.
My laptop is 15.75" x 11.75 x 2" - also a large laptop

I use the Targus XL backpack. It fits really well - and offers the ability to distribute the weight over both shoulders.
I bought a pair of Ogio Brainbuckets. Ended up only needing 1 (as the other bag was for my T43...but I ended up getting an Ogio Metroid for it, and will use my Ogio Metro for school, rather than an Alice pack & Brainbucket for school.

It's only a laptop sleeve, but it carries the essentials...AC, Mouse, and E1705.

Should you happen to want that spare Brainbucket...$20.
Dude, the best laptop bags in my opinion are made by SLAPPA. They fit both of my 17" laptops with no problems. They have hardbody cases as well, but I bought the MASK backpack and I love it. Plenty of room for cords and and peripheral devices and notebooks, etc. The padding is great and the bag looks sick. They also have a velocity spyder that looks even cooler, but I went with the MASK because everyone said it fit the 17" laptops and it does. Check them out here dude: Laptop Backpacks