What are you playing now? Need suggestions after system upgrade.

Apr 2, 2007
Seems like every few months, I get the bug to play games.

Having sold my consoles this spring, I am strictly a PC guy now and working from home gave me an excuse to upgrade my system. All Solid State now. RAM pretty much maxed. Adding a second 4k panel (productivity and the occasional "light" gaming dual screen where possible) allowed me to rationalize upgrading my RX480 early.

Popped in a 5700XT yesterday and while I did light benchmarking, I still found myself gravitating toward Battlefield 2 just for starters.

Installed World War Z, but haven't had a chance to fire it up yet.

What are you guys playing currently?

Open to all types of games, not just shooters. BF2 is just my old standby. Certainly didn't upgrade my system just to play a decade old game (no matter how fun it is).


Nov 18, 2006
Microsoft Flight Simulator. Basically the new 'can it run Crysis'. However the new Crysis remaster is also out and I'v heard it doesn't really run any better...