What are you nerds playing this weekend?

swgemu is launching a fresh server on sat, going to be doing that
I just can't find another game to get into. I burned through all my currency in Path of Exile so I'm done there for the league. I downloaded Destiny 2 last night. Try that I guess.

I think I might just be getting burnt out.
Ori and the Will of the Wisp only this time in earnest because I finally cleared my last owned DLC in SnowRunner (there's more I just don't have them).

Monster Hunter: World coop - the game is mechanically decent and taking down the various monsters is fun enough. The cutscenes are frequent, unbearable, and cannot be skipped.
... I finally cleared my last owned DLC in SnowRunner (there's more I just don't have them).
I play that with kiddo. want to drive trucks? and we'll do it for a bit. it usually ends when I have a trailer full of cargo and I flip from a over exaggerated bumping of a rock.
I play that with kiddo. want to drive trucks? and we'll do it for a bit. it usually ends when I have a trailer full of cargo and I flip from a over exaggerated bumping of a rock.
My toddler does the throttle when we play together - I spent an enormous amount of time getting things prepped for him to see the construction scenes for larger tasks or delaying bridge building so he could watch.
Fall Guys on the PS5 I stop trying to win I just join and annoy the crap out everyone, push them, hold them, do whatever it takes to make everyone game a living hell :LOL: and just received my copy of Guardians fo the Galaxy for the PS5 going to give it a go this weekend.
Fallout 4.

Running around with Junk Jet killing enemies with toasters. :D
Really enjoying Anno 1800.

Of the three Anno games I played (2070, 2205, 1800), this one my favorite and most in depth. I'm 70+ hours on my map and still have plenty more to unlock, optimize and expand. Been a while since I've sunk 70+ hours into a game in a fairly short time span that wasn't a MMO or grind focus ARPG.
Just finished Deathloop (Meh+ is how I'd rate it). Now I'm starting another playthrough of Thief 2, a game I haven't played since before 9/11.
Hell Let Loose, because I just can't stop. Also got re-hooked on The Binding of Isaac, just trying to get achieves/unlocks that I haven't yet completed. It's a great game to play while listening to a podcast or something, too. I'm also trying to get more into Red Dead 2, but with the holidays going on I feel like I don't have much time until maybe Sunday.

I'm probably dumb for not getting more into Halo Infinite while it's new and hot, and I genuinely find it fun, but HLL is just grabbing me more right now as far as FPS games go.
Death Trash
Call of Duty Vanguard
Loop Hero
Ready or Not but I haven't picked it up yet.
New World, trying to finish getting to 60 then I'll most likely be done since I don't do any of the PVP stuff and don't have anyone I play with to farm things.

Trying to find either an Open world, crafting/survival game I like, or some type of 3rd person looter game I like to fill my free time.
Titanfall 2 was $4. I used to play on whatever software platform it was released on, but I forget all the info. I try to stick to Steam when I can. Last I recall, of all the MP-FPS I've played, that one I had a better handle on. I'll play that for a bit this weekend me thinks.
I got copium and fired up World of Warcraft again. I miss the healing aspect of it. I'll play for a couple weeks I guess.

I need help.
I just wrapped up Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Good platformer; gorgeous visuals; similar insta-death mechanics in some scripted sequences as the original which are just trial and error sections if you're not reading the route they want you to take properly (at the pace they intend for you to take it).
Oddball for this weekend. Got the Final Fantasy SaGa collection for my Switch. The first “Final Fantasy Legend” game for the original Gameboy was my first real JRPG. It’s simplistic in the extreme, but still fun for some reason. :D
Got the bug to replay the Uncharted (Remastered) Games again. But decided to Platinum them while I'm at it. So I just Platinum'd Uncharted and started on Uncharted 2.
Platinum'd Uncharted 2 and just beat 3 on Crushing difficulty. Just a handful of trophies left before I Platinum it.

I'm glad I replayed these now, since the Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection will be out in a month on PS5/PC, and the perfect opportunity to replay those games for the platinum as well.
I''m kind of sick of The Division lol, yes I know I don't have to play but there's a global event for TD1, Blackout. So I'm going to get in some Survival runs, best GE for that DLC.
Hitting up a bit more Rage 2. I guess I'm about halfway through the story and am really enjoying the game so far.
Planning on starting Cyberpunk 2077 in earnest this weekend.

Also I've been playing the new Minecraft update with my youngest. Update is great and makes exploring more interesting.
Having just finished Inscryption I'm in that weird period where I'm trying to find another game to get absorbed into. I've been chipping away at Halo CE and I reinstalled SMITE.
Pokemon Brilliant Diamond on the switch.
Skyrim Anniversary Edition and started Arkham Knight on the PC
Recently won some cash playing on https://www.nongamstopsites.co.uk/casinos-not-on-gamban/ ;)
This platform that has genuinely changed my life, not just financially. They have a long way to go and are making constant changes to the platform, but everything they are doing is to improve the user experience and attract more customers long term. I won’t even mention the yields that are availible, you can check that out yourself!
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Got game pass tried hades and halo infinite. Didn't care for either after a few hours playing both. Also tried loddoss game but having a hard time getting into that too. I still never understood what was so great about halo but figured I could get into the latest one...guess not..not much else I see on game pass that I hadn't already played back when I had it in the summer..