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Jun 27, 2001
*** Welcome to the [H]ard|Forums Cool Cases Worklog forum! ***

This forum is here for everyone who wants to share their ideas/work from design to construction and completeion. Anyone can post/comment in a worklog as long as it is relevant to the discussion and dosent break any of the existing [H]ard|Forum rules. Including the un-written, if you have nothing nice to say... well, you know the rest :)

What qualifies as a work log:

Projects that you have started to work on and is ongoing. Finished cases should be posted in the Gallery. Only exception to this rule is a finished project which is written up as a log complete with pictures and history. In other words it must look and read like a project log.

What does not qualify as a work log:

Finished projects. These should be posted in the Gallery.

Project plans like "this is an idea I have". Feel free to post those in the Case Modding forum. If later it turns into an actuall project then you can post your worklog here.

General guidelines:

The first post in the worklog must contain images.

Worklogs should be computer related...

Worklogs should have pictures posted, not just links to external sites.

Keep images a resonable size... if you got a 1Ds for your birthday that dosent mean that we want to download a 4,064 x 2,704 JPEG :eek: (It means you should pack it up and mail it to me, PM me for my address.... ;))

If pictures turn to red
's for a significant period then the thread will be closed. DO NOT link images from servers that are not yours, host them yourself. If you do not have a host checkout this page... http://www.FLECOM.net/[H]OCP/upload.html

All posts must adhere to the forum rules, and the Case Modding rules in the Case Modding FAQ. This includes no advertising for sponsors!!!

NO FLAMING, if you don't have anything good or constructive to say, then dont.
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