Wedging a 800fsb cpu on 845?


Jun 19, 2004
I've got an Abit IT7 MAX2 v2 board, with the i845PE chipset. I'm thinking of upgrading my system with an E or C CPU, and I know I should be getting an 865 board.

But my current board should support HT (which is what I really want), at least with the 3.0/533 cpu. Would it be plausible to pop a newer CPU into my board and "overclock" it to a 200fsb, to wring a few more months out of it? The BIOS lists bus speeds higher than that.

I won't be able to get both the mobo and cpu at the same time. Am I just better off grabbing the new mobo now and enjoy dual-channel goodness with my 2.53, and just snagging the cpu later?
Well I can tell you now that the thing won't support Prescott. And 800MHz FSB chips won't post at lower bus speeds.

You should get the new board and enjoy the dual channel goodness. Then after that pickup a new processor.

Also since you'll have a board that can do FSB speeds higher than your current processor runs at you'll have many overclocking options availablel to you. As you can set your FSB speeds higher and the only thing you'll actually be overclocking will be the CPU itself.
Thanks for the info and advice! I would've thought that cpus would be bus speed agnostic, as all the (jumperless) boards I've dealt with in the past default to their lowest supported bus after CMOS reset. Sigh, the things I miss in only a year...