WebVR Converts Your Device Running Google Chrome Into a VR Platform


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Apr 10, 2003
Google has announced WebVR support for their Google Chrome browser. WebVR allows anyone running the Google Chrome browser to convert their device into a VR platform. There are interactive VR videos that for example allow you to track a bear from being freed from a trap, until being released back into the wild. After the video is over, you can venture through the park in VR and meet other denizens that the bear would interact with on a daily basis. I found some of the 3D modeling to be interesting like the Mars One Mission. Still these are more of a novelty, and I believe that Gabe Newell is right that we need killer apps before we see mass adoption of this technology.

Now if Facebook were to add in new social interactions with WebVR would this cause addiction risks? I'm talking about experiences so real that when taking off your headset, you are depressed to be back in the humdrum real world. Experiences like going to a virtual brothel with you best bud a continent away. Experiencing a club environment in VR even with replicated smells attacking your sensory glands. Could this be the new addiction that makes us wear our headsets all day and never want to take them off? Could Facebook VR be the gateway drug to this? I certainly hope so. Make me and others so interested in this technology that we have to get one!

Late last year, Ms Gonzalez Franco reportedly predicted future VR units would be akin to experiencing powerful hallucinations — once they started including other senses, such as touch. This reporter recently had his first experience with a game called First Contact, and could not help but notice a mild sensation of deflation with the real world on exit — a sensation that lasted about an hour.

In the narcotics world this sensation is called the come down and can lead to repeat usage and, on occasion, addiction or dependency.
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Looking at Zuck's fingers in that picture, I think the web-shooter text is cover for him actually using the technology in a virtual interactive pr0n.
Looks like he is doing The Shocker to me. Amazon has a copy for $13.

The fact is that Oculus could give a damn about the high end VR market. HTC/Vive will be our guys to push enthusiast VR content. Oculus only truly cares about selling to the Facebook drone that never leaves his seat or moves around. This is highlight by the fact that Oculus launched without motion controllers and its roomscale tracking system is still subpar when compared to where Vive can go with its system.