We need better site-to-site VPN routers/gateways

Yes, the issue is RDP dropping and disconnecting.
So I've run across this at times even on the lan and it's dumbfounding. Finally, I discovered that as long as something is moving on the screen, it stays alive so I log into telehack.com and keep the ascii aquarium going--seems to work.

But definitely if your vpn tunnel is laggy or has packet loss or other issues, that will hurt as well.

I forgot one test that helps me nail down issues to an isp--have you run the 1080p test on packetlosstest.com? It not only shows lost packets but late ones that can mess up RDP.
So how did the testing go? Any improvement outside of the VPN?

Haven't gotten back to the office since last week. Will try this Thursday and will post findings. I'm very curious to see if it has any difference and will be happy to report to you guys and hopefully this may help someone else in the future, as well.