WCG related - Techie teen from Winnipeg being remembered for cancer research efforts


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Jan 29, 2006
Read this in the BOINC discord. Very inspirational for a young man with cancer doing all he can to help in cancer research through WCG. Should watch the video interview. Unfortunately he passed away last Feb.
Pretty cool story though part of it was a little misleading.

"Dr. Charles Keller, the scientific director of the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute in the United States works on finding cancer treatments.

He says one year of Dylan’s processing power saved them 168 years of processing time."

I'm highly doubting the processing power saved the researchers 168 years of processing time. I'm guessing they didn't explain to the author that the processing time was compared to running on a single CPU core for 168 years. I like meaningful stories like this and like the boy that started a team a few years back to (I think) honor his dad. DC really needs publicity these days as most younger people don't understand the concept of freely giving anymore.


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Dec 27, 2015
I think the key takeaway here is that cancer sucks, it kills lots of people every year and we still have a lot to learn about cancer. One way that one can help in cancer research or any type of diseases is to provide computational power.

I'm waiting for WCG to be up and running soon.... ;)

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May 7, 2007

You could tell that he really had a passion for DC, computers, and a want to help others - all things I agree which are sorely missing from today's youth.
He and his passion were very inspirational, thank you for sharing, and hope that Dylan Bucci can rest in peace.