Warframe Operation: Buried Debts Is Now Live


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Apr 10, 2003
Digital Extremes has announced that Warframe Operation: Buried Debts has been launched onto PC. The console release will occur at a later date. The update features the debut of stage one of the highly anticipated, newly revamped Melee system. Also, a new Warframe called Hildryn has been introduced that features incredible offense and defense based around creating and destroying shields. The store features a ton of new skin customizations for your Warframes, weapons, ships, etc; but Digital Extremes has added some for completing certain mission types or just watching your favorite Warframe streamer. Thanks Q-BZ for the scoop!

A new spark of action has arrived with Phase 1 of the much-anticipated Melee revamp! With these changes, you'll experience more fluid combat, and a smoother, faster, bolder system to harness as you slash your way through the Origin System. Blocking is now automatic and is no longer keybound! When interrupting a combo with gunfire, dodging, bullet jumping, or any parkour your next Melee attack will begin exactly where the combo left off ! Have more control of your Ground Slams. Use your aerial advantage to aim, and then target your Ground Slam for increased tactical precision. Experience a beautifully redone FX pass with a refreshed style.
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Is it wearing a bra on the outside of the suit kind of like Superman's red underwear?
Free to play huh? Could be interesting

Warframe is the absolute best F2P game ever.

I have spent a bit of real money on it to buy credits to increase the number of warframes I can have though.. but that is it.

75% off codes they give out every once in a while is the way to do it.

I haven't played in quite a while since I have been playing games with family members when I have the time, but it is a really fun and well done game with an absolute metric ton of content with good storylines to go along with it.
been playing for a while now, get 20%, 50% somewhat regularly and in 14 months have gotten 4 75% off rewards. they add new content regularly and keep it interesting. all of the "need it to play" stuff can be got by grinding, the "flashy" shit can be bought from the store, and the game economy is robust.
look me up, my tag is Brian770.