Want a G-synch 24" pref 240hz (Please, no Freesync)

Jun 5, 2020
Posted on Reddit and Antek but no one has even looked at my post for days. So thought I'd stop in here and see if I could get a good answer. Thanks ahead of time.

Just did an RMA on the beautiful Dell s2719DGF because I couldn't use G-synch compatibility in Windows 7 plus 27 inch is maybe too big for PC games (and even with my prescription custom eye glasses made specifically for gaming I had trouble seeing things on it). Reason I want to avoid Freesync is because I would have to use Window 10, which is DISGUSTING to me, in order to use G-sync Compatibility. I own the RTX 2070 Super.

TN over IPS though I do value good colors which can usually be acheived on a TN monitor with the proper tweaks (like the Dell I just returned). While I don't want to spend too much over the $400 I originally paid I will have that credited to my Amazon account so that gives me some nice leeway with the pricing.