Wall Mount Shelf for USB Hard Drive


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Jun 20, 2002
I have a lot of IT customers that need small server setups. These usually end up as some plywood bolted to a wall somewhere, the we wall mount a Mac mini, routers, switches etc. It's a pretty good setup, keeps the server components well ventilated and away from the humans that might do them harm.

Right now, I am retiring a customer's old Time Capsule. It has it's own nice custom wall mount. I'm replacing it with a regular USB desktop hard drive connected to the server. I've never seen wall mountable generic hard drive enclosures. So I got a Rosewill that has a built in fan. The WD Red drive should last forever in there...

But I need a shelf! This sounds like an easy enough problem, just google "shelf" and buy one that looks like it will work. Well i've been doing that for hours and I came up empty. I even bought a set on amazon that I hoped would work, but they are not deep enough. Ideally what I want is something simple, like a single stamped piece of sheet metal with screw holes. Something like a rackmount shelf, in miniature. But I can't find anything. I've looked at all the generic shelves at Home Depot and Lowes. They're all too small or WAY too big.

I also don't want to built something myself. If I did that, I'd either have to charge them $100 for a shelf, or basically build it for free. Which I really don't have the time (or desire) to do.

I've attached a picture of the wall. The flashing red box is the old Time Capsule that's getting replaced.


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I would say cheap and easy is to get some metal clamps and screw them to the board then clamp down to the drive enclosure, should be very stable and cheap.
He might mean these kinds of clamps? It wouldn't be as pretty as what you've created, but three or four screwed down strips (2-3 vertical, 1 horizontal) would definitely hold it in place. And very cheap. Or you could bundle it with appropriate sized adjustable clamps, use the strips to secure the adjustables, and cinch those around the enclosure. Less secure and a few more dollars, but prettier.
Those brackets are massively too big. If I could find miniature versions of those, I could just cut a piece of plywood for the shelf and be done with it.

They come in almost any size you would want
Well, it's a bit large for what it's made to hold, but it worked. I would have been happier with smaller brackets and a smaller shelf. But whatever this one should remain solid for many years. IMG_7027.jpegIMG_7028.jpeg