VZR Model One Audiophile Gaming Headset


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Jun 7, 2008
Does anyone own one these I guess they are some of the better gaming headphones out there not sure if I want to pay 350.00 for them I know they won't break from the reviews on Amazon.
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Reading the reviews on Headfi makes them sound like they are god for games but music not so much. Designed by ex Apple audio engineers.
They are durable but the peeps on Headfi say the Bass is really there mids and highs are kinda lost but everyone has different setups I see why they have Canjams.
Just tried these Best Gaming Headphones ever people said the Bass is too much but I don't see that tried Deadspace and Warhammer Darktide every nuance is clear stuff that you would ignore otherwise. I don't really care for the design of them though I wish they were all black and didn't swivel at the cups clamping force is kinda hard with glasses. Think I'll skip the Maxwell not sure if I'll care for Plannar headphones plus they are OOS at the moment. Maxwells look but but they are wireless which is ok but Bluetooth exposure.

I just fired up Forspoken I can hear voices in the Title Screen that is how good these are I would never pick up on that with any other Headphone even Speakers.

Using 7.1 THx Razer surround is a must
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I'm listening to Old Ultima Online Midi files from Youtube they sound exactly like I remember them or even better.
These are the best Headphones I don't think the Audeze Maxwells will be this good because they are wireless.

I got some Deconi Pads on the way something new that just popped up on Amazon with cooling gel I hope they look better and are cooler than the Brainwavz visually and fitting that I have. The stock ones are just way too hot just make your ears water.

I hope they fit of all thing I just assue they will fit because they are backwards compt. with DT770s.