Feb 20, 2008

Seated/Hand Controllers Needed

I cannot recommend this enough if you are a flight sim fan. This is a near-future version of the current V-22 Osprey, with jet engines. Understand, this is a bit of a pig compared to a fighter jet, so expect a slower pacing. But I was shocked at how much content there is to this already.

The detail in the cockpit is great. You will operate all of the buttons and switches just like a real cockpit, it isn't for show.

I work in F16 flight simulation for the Air Force and I gotta say, this is really accurate but still very very accessible and fun. Extremely immersive and runs great. Detail level is low for the moment, but you won't mind.

There is a working targeting/IR pod, weapon systems, countermeasures, combat missions... switches are in place for mid-air refueling and HMCS but I haven't made them work yet.

This is the first game that I have kept my Vive on for more than 15 minutes. If this is what you're looking for (you know who you are), you found it.
Figured out the HMCS system, as well as deploying air-to-ground munitions. It's tricky getting a lock with the targeting pod, with or without HMCS, but once you do it gets pretty easy to lock and fire on SAM sites and whatnot.
This looks great and it's tempting. Will put it on my wishlist for now. So no joystick or throttle right, it uses the virtual one in the game? I stopped playing flight sims for a while now, mainly because I don't want to dig out, hook up, and then customize my HOTAS. And loading up DCS World with a PS4 Dual shock is disappointing to say the least. ;)
Yeah, you use the wands to physically grab the stick and throttle and turn knobs/flip switches. Very instinctive. You can move the flight controls in the cockpit to suit you. There are multiple autopilot modes so you're not forced to hold the controls all the time. And the throttle holds it's position when you let go of it.

Do it! The campaign is surprisingly involved so far. I'm on the fifth mission and it is kicking my ass. Learning the HMCS/targeting pod is a must. There is an open sandbox level where you take off from a carrier and fly to the island and engage whatever type of hostiles you want. You can fly back and forth to re-arm as many times as you want, no structure. After practicing now I'm ready to hot the campaign again.
Got the HMCS figured out. If you just turn on HMCS Power, you'll only move the cursor in the HUD. You have to drop your visor by touching the left or right of your helmet. Then you get full in-helmet HUD and even targeting pod. Very cool.
FWIW, this game is vastly superior on the Oculus vs the Vive. The physical thumbsticks of the Oculus Touch make controlling the engine tilt and targeting pod MUCH easier.
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Update and sale right now. Update details from Steam:

It has been over a month since the last public update, but I hope you'll find that the wait was worth it. (By the way, VTOL VR is 20% off until Nov 1, so tell all of your friends! Happy Halloween!)

Here are the highlights:

We've updated to a newer version of the game engine which, among other things, brings huge improvements to performance.

There's now a GPS targeting system, along with GPS guided weapons such as bombs and an anti-ship cruise missile. For a video tutorial on how to use the new system, click here.

Mission 6 (Darkness) is now available to be played in "The Island" campaign.

There are now options for alternatives modes of rudder input: left thumb control, or hardware rudder pedals.

The AV-42C now has two additional hardpoints where you can mount weapons.

There's many more improvements, changes and fixes!
Here's the full change log:

Alpha v0.0.4


  • Updated to Unity v2017.1.1
  • Added The Island Campaign
  • Mission 6 (Darkness)
  • Added basic weapons training mission
  • Added target bearing indicator to TGP screen
  • Added sub-label to weapon indicator on HUD with additional info
  • Added TGP sensor mode options (Day, Night, Color)
  • Added GPS Target System
    • GPS Targets MFD page
    • GPS Send/Acquire in TGP page
    • GPS target and selection icons to map
    • Current GPS target icon in HUD
    • GPS target designation in map MFD page
  • Added GBU-38 500lb JDAM
  • Added GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb
  • Added Mk-82 x1 rack
  • Added Equipment hardpoints 5 & 6
  • Added AGM-89 Anti-ship cruise missile
  • Ships can be destroyed/sunk
  • Added indicator lights for when weapon is in range and ready to fire
  • Added some collision avoidance behavior to AI plane in formation
  • Added option for left thumb controlled rudder
  • Added option for hardware input for rudder
  • Added input binding menu to settings (only for rudder so far)
  • Animated rudder pedals and pilot feet
  • Improved AI VTOL takeoff behavior
  • Added view fading between scene changes
  • Changed TARGET page label to TGP
  • Updated Mk82 x2 rack
  • Tweaked RIM-67B performance
  • Adjusted SAM flight behavior to improve effectiveness of leading into the ground
  • TGP is automatically set as SOI when Head mode is activated
  • TGP PIP mode will focus on GDS pipper when target is acquired with gun
  • Reattached weapons will now be automatically armed
  • Discovering a subcomponent of a unit will discover the parent unit (ex: locking on the gun of a ship will put the ship on the map)
  • Increased GAU-8 rate of fire to the proper 3900rpm
  • Replaced temporary launch detector models with new model
  • Fixed occasional g-force death while being launched by catapult
  • Fixed audio source position for some cockpit switches
  • Fixed NVG tooltip
  • Fixed Mk-82 mass
  • Changed some material settings to fix certain stuttering issues
  • Fixed Missile cruiser forward radars were indestructible
  • Fixed some more incorrect behavior in equipment configurator
  • Fixed buttons remaining pressed in if interaction is disabled on press
  • Fixed overlapping denial message on equipment rearming station
  • Fixed tutorial objective not advancing if the required state was already achieved before it started
  • Fixed environment selector not displaying the correct default option
  • Fixed environment select buttons not making sound
Very good game and surprisingly it doesn't make me nauseous like DCS World did. Maybe because it runs better due to the lower quality terrain. Can't even finish the first mission, apparently I really suck at landing vertically. I think I am over compensating and it doesn't help that I occasionally think I "let go" of the throttle or joystick but it didn't and then bad things happen. I really want the knuckle controller even more now for my Vive. :)
When I'm coming in vertically I keep my hand on the stick and let go of the cyclic since it will maintain its position without input. With this new update you can move the rudder controls off the flight stick and onto the thumbpad on the cyclic. Much, much better. Makes unassisted vertical landings much easier. I was always yawing in addition to rolling unintentionally.

Game does run very smooth. Smooth frame rates and smooth tracking make all the difference in VR I've found. It is Unity engine FWIW.
New Update is out and it's great. A fixed wing aircraft was added and it flies faster than the VTOL one. I found you can add mp3's to the directory that has the music files and it will let you play your own music (just put in a few songs from the top gun soundtrack).
Can't wait to try it. My Rift system is down for RMA, but once it's back I'll be all over this!
Holy hell, I just purchased this last night on a whim, and my jaw's on the floor just from the first training missions. This was the "ah-hah" moment for me for VR flight. If you have VR hardware, you must try it. I haven't been able to get back to my playthrough of Half Life Alyx because I keep loading this up instead. I've never been a flight sim guy, I don't have the attention span to learn controls. But wow. Accessibility is 10/10.

I believe this is seriously the closest you can get to "the feeling of flight" outside of an actual plane right now. This is a seated experience, and you can be a total idiot about flight sim stuff and it'll still bring you up to speed quickly, and bring a smile to your face with the "feeling of being there".

BTW I'm playing this on a cheap $250 Samsung Odyssey+ that I got used -- VR doesn't have to be expensive!
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