VR + Windows 11?


Zero Cool
Sep 2, 2004
Anyone using VR with Windows 11? Initial reports seemed to be that it was causing issues, but I haven't heard if those got resolved.
I used it for a while when it was new but it indeed caused severe stuttering issues on my Oculus, no matter how low I pushed the settings. Playing Lone Echo 2 was near impossible. Dropping back to Windows 10 fixed it instantly.

No idea if it is fixed but I do not intent to go back until M$ fixes the ridiculous taskbar and allows people to disable grouping and show full titles again instead of just icons.
I havent had any issues with the Quest 2 or G2 yet. The G2 actually feels better in windows 11 but i have no actual data to back that up
The only issue I am seeing currently is if I start up a VR game where the UI starts in non-VR and I need to interact with that for some reason (ie. an update), I can't get win-Y to get me back to controlling the desktop. It sees the command but I don't get a pointer.
EVGA 3090 + ThreadRipper 3060x + HTC VivePro 2 + 5700xt mining in background + Windows 11 -> zero issues I've seen so far.
I jumped on windows 11 really early and have been happy with it.

No stuttering issues here. Rift S, 3600, 16GB 3200mhz, RX5700. I race in VR about 4 nights a week.

FWIW though I was just recently reading in the iRacing forums that there where stuttering issues in VR for some people.
I’m pretty sure you can just fresh install 10 and your activation key will still work.

Yeah, you can reinstall Windows 10 if you do not like W11, no questions asked. Just remember that the official roll back function is available only a few days after installing Windows 11, after that you have to do a full clean install if you want to return back to W10.
I’m pretty sure you can just fresh install 10 and your activation key will still work.
Yeah I'm not so much worried about that as the hassle of having to do a clean install of 10 again. But maybe I'll try it and do the rollback if it's bad in VR.
I *cough* upgraded from Win10 Pro to Win 11 Pro, and my Oculus Quest 2 started having some issues with connectivity a few months ago.

I use Virtual Desktop, and use a cheaper version of the Quest Link Cable to play games like GTA V and others in VR after modding them to work.

I found that unplugging the USB-C to USB-A cable and plugging in another port along with restarting my Quest 2 would get it back and seen in Windows 11. I don't know whether the restart of the Quest or the changing of USB makes the difference.
I'm currently playing F1 22 in VR on CV1. I did have issues until the latest nvidia drivers which fixed the freezing I had with the game.
All my other VR racing games work great with no problems.