Vorpx Review/Thread

Feb 19, 2014
I picked up vorpx a while back. I don't think I would still purchase knowing what I know now, at least not at the $50 price tag. The biggest issue for me is the HUD. Take Borderlands 2 for example, your ammo and health are in the bottom corners of the screen. These can't really be seen. You can see the very top inner corner of each, but nothing pertinent. Even if you could, it is very blurry. There is an option for HUD scale and distance which can help alleviate the issue. However, scaling down the UI to put in your vision essentially places the HUD closer to your gun and makes the screen feel a bit cramped. I've spent hours trying to tweak it (although some of those inebriated) and I can't find a setting thats good enough for a serious playthrough. Visually it's great. Using a custom resolution it looks like it was built in to the game with the exception of the guns looking a tad large. But I either have to trade off a non-intrusive HUD or playing without knowing where my health/ammo is at.

Alien Isolation was amazing to play. The 3D effects and scale are amazing. Really terrifying when the Alien is charging than you that really feels bigger than you. I played Doom for a bit which was fun but again I have no idea what my health/ammo are at. The glory kills are too zoomed in as well, I have no idea what i'm doing to the monsters.

If you are playing a game without a HUD or a HUD that isn't needed, then I would say it works great. There is a function where you can hold the scroll wheel to temporarily switch to a theater mode so you can see the entirety of the screen. It's not instant as the screen is moved back so it helps with menus but not really feasible during gameplay to check your HUD quickly. It feels so close to a polished product but I would never sit down and play a new game or play a game seriously using it. If I feel like screwing around in an Alien Isolation time trial or just shooting some things in Borderlands its fun.

The CPU utilization used is a bit high for my machine as well. Alien Isolation ran perfect, Borderlands 2 ran perfect most of the time and Doom wasn't really playable. I want to say with vorpx running my CPU was sitting around 25-30% utilization. So Doom was pegging my CPU (i5-2500k@4.2) while my GPU (980ti) was sitting around 60-70% utilization. I know my CPU is dated but this is the first time I've felt like my CPU is really holding me back. If anyone has any tips/experience with vorpx I'd love to hear it.