Voodoo Laptops


Feb 15, 2003
Hi guys I am looking at getting a laptop in the future, now I already have a kick ass gaming rig so I wont be gaming "too" much on this laptop and even if I dont do any, then im not gonna be to concerned haha. I live in Calgary where Voodoo is based and I know they make some good products. I have been looking at the Voodoo Featherwieght Envy a:522. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Voodoo Laptops and can share therei experiences.

I looked at one a LOOOOOOONG time sitting on the fence wating for a good amd64 lappy with a high end video card. Got tired of waiting. They are sharp, worth the premium price for the groove factor. In the end, I wound up going with the inspiron in my sig because it was an unbelieveable deal (1700 + about 300 for the ram at Crucial) but I still really like the lappys, not overly crazy about the desktop cases though...
I'm eyeing the smallest one for my next purchase. Of all the performance PC makers, voodoo is by far my favorite. You really can't go wrong with voodoo if you have the funds. Their performance laptops actually look like computers, not toys like the damn alienwares or the dell one that lights up.