Volume Control Adapter (3.5 mm)


Jul 31, 2021
Looking for a light weight volume control adapter to plug between 3.5 mm headphones and a 3.5 mm extension audio cable, something like this, but more a handy slim shape, rather than an unhandy box.

I assume there's no such thing, so one featuring a cable on one end would do, too. The Koss V20 looks nice, but I'd need to import it from the U.S. Import price is ok, but I don't know how good it is and whether it is worth it (I assume it is since it's Koss). I can find similar adapters online, but those are all cheap and never really perform well.

So if there's no noteworthy suggestion, I'd appreciate feedback on the Koss V20. I currently use the Fostex PC-1. Great unit, but it's a metal box, something to put on a table, I'd need something that can just dangle around like it's part of the headphone cable.