VNC into fedora with windows xp


Jul 31, 2001
i've been looking for a good/easy way to remotely connect into an install of fedora core 2 that I recently installed on an old comp of mine. I've been trying to connect using the vnc program (vncserver) that comes with fedora along with a viewer from that is installed on xp, but i havent had any luck connecting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I miss duel monitors on my main rig. :( ;)
Well, first of all, have you opened up the port in your firewall to allow VNC to connect? Think it's 5900, even though you can just change it if you want. I've had no problems with VNC besides forgetting that on my initial install, don't think much else can go wrong.
Well, it depends...are you using a hardware firewall, a software one (windows' firewall, ZoneAlarm, Kerio, etc) or both?

If using a hardware one, check your manual; and if using a software one, check your documentation :p. For Windows' Internet Connection Firewall, just right click on your connection, click on properties, click on the "advanced" tab, then on the "settings" button, and add the port in there and check it so that it's left open.
Better would be to use SSH and X forwarding (or maybe XDMCP, or XDCMP or whatever...). The Cygwin win32 X server is coming along quite nicely & can be run rootless.
The two computers are on the same internal network, so there wouldnt be any hardware firewall in between them. Right now the only firewall is the one incorporated into Fedora. I remember enabling it when i installed, but i have no idea as to where one would change the settings now that it is installed.
when you start up vncserver on the linux box, it should say something like:

your virtual desktop is <your_hostname>:1
(it will also prompt you for a password the first time)

then, fire up vnc viewer on the windows and connect to <your_hostname>:1
Or, if the java stuff is compiled in, you can connect from a browser to http://<your_hostname>:5901

For each subsequent concurrent vnc session the number will increment (i.e <your_hostname:2> or http://<your_hostname:5902)

I don't know how fedora configures it, so you may have to tweak your ~/.vnc/XStartup file to start your window mgr.

If you have any problems, ~/.vnc/startup.log is really easy to understand
the firewall could easily prevent vnc from working. i was setting up redhat on the math/cs server at my school, it has 2 nics, i enabled the firewall and was trying to put a folder on the network via /etc/exports and it didn't work. i then remembered the firewall and made the internal nic trusted which basically bypasses the firewall