vmworld 2017


Limp Gawd
Feb 10, 2012
Haven't seen the topic come up in here yet -

Any sessions a must attend? Was digging through the catalog today looking for NSX and HCI, but most of what I'm finding are set for Thursday and I'll be on the flight home already.

I'm more interested in the technical discovery sessions, saving product success stories/intros for the management.
honestly anything pertinent to your specific job. I'll be attending mostly sessions relating to automation/containers/hybrid cloud/etc. Only thing that sucks is they fill up fast and probably while the site crashes when they open reg.
It's been a chore trying to register for sessions, and now that I have - I can't view the schedule.

Is Net Junkie still around [H]? I have attended a couple of his sessions on the past, and was kinda looking for an insider's view. This section of the forum appears to have taken a drastic drop in participation though.
I always start with TAM day on Sunday then sched any PowerCLI or CLI based sessions. Outside of that, I just sched random things that sound interesting then go back after the conference and watch the video.

I havn't seen any vExpert or Vmworld Vender Party offerings / Emails yet.
Anyone have anything to share?

Here is a blog with the normal list: (check the comments section for faster updates.)

Also looks like the VMworld party on Wednesday is going to be Blink 182 and Bleachers at the T mobile Arena.
almost everyone 'gets' virtualization now. Not as much new happening there, so the forum gets quiet.