Visual Studio Community 2015


Jan 20, 2016
I have 2 question about VS 2015.

1. This is free software right? I downloading it to my PC and after 30 days it said my trail ended and I couldn't use it with out a licence. I submitted my email and then it allowed me to use it again. I am just asking ask I don't want to write my programs for class and it suddenly stops working/asking me to pay for a license?

2. I tried to write C code in VS and it built and compiled but gives me errors when I run. Is it possible to write C in VS Community 2015?
1. Yes, it's free, but you need to have created the MSDN account to continue using it for free.
2. Yes, you can. Though it is possible the errors were from your code or setup.
Isn't the most likely cause of errors your own code?