Visual and Performance issues after 4 different PC builds with different parts over 4 months (Need Help!)

Totally 100% agree, more just a monetary issue at this point since the original pc was 2k and its upwards of 4 at this point with new parts and technician fees. So trying to weed things out and do my best to stop bleeding haha. For safety its a really good idea though. After trying a few more things (including UPS) i'm going to sell off all the parts that are good and go buy a laptop or iMac again as its been such a mess and time pit and i've given the pc every possible chance to work and nothing got it up and running.
Hey not sure if you have tried this but I had a friend who had similar issues after getting a hdr monitor try going to windows settings search hdr and make sure it's turned off turn it off in doom eternal too hope this helps
Hey man.

Same issues as u. Tested 4 pcs and all stutter. Even took brand new one to friends house and worked flawlessly, took it back to mine and boom, stuttering, back to his.. stutter

Have you found a fix?