Very flexible USB cable


Jul 31, 2021
I am looking for a Mini-USB to USB cable that is very flexible (like those braided gaming mouse cables these days). Anyone has any ideas if there's such thing?
yes there are a buttload of them out there, just do a search at your favorite seller's website.... BUT...

be careful what you wish for, because A LOT of the flexible ones are also cheaply made with crappy materials, connectors, and very little shielding, and will either cause connection issues (depending on what you are connecting with it) and/or will only last a short while before needing to be replaced...

For a 6ft braided cable of reasonably quality, you should be looking in the $12-15 range.... I have several in my parts box if you wanna try some out for the cost of a few postage stamps...:)
Can you suggest a brand, or specific model? All the braided USB cables I had my hands on were even stiffer than the plastic coated one I have now. I see plenty of nylon braided USB cables in Online-shops and I see no reason why any of them should be any different. So I hope for suggestions for an actually user verified soft and flexible USB cable, without resorting to the lucky draw game by ordering random USB cables from Online-shops.

Perhaps our definition of flexible differs. I have the Roccat Burst Pro mouse. It has a very flexible braided cable. This cable powers a mouse without issues, so I see no reason why there can't be an extension USB cable just like this. I even thought of using a mouse cable and converting it to a mini-USB cable, but there got to be a chance for something like this to already exist.
Anker, uGreen, and Monoprice are 3 that I have used in the past nottaproblemo...

I get mine from da 'Zonner, and my main criteria are sturdy joints where the cable meets the connector housing, and connectors that don't have ginormous plastic shrouds around them, which will/could make them unusable with some devices that have minimal cutouts around the ports, or 2 ports really close to each other, like on some lappys and docks.....

lookie here for some examples, the good, the bad & the ugly (y),aps,111&ref=nb_sb_ss_ts-doa-p_1_31
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I will look into a uGreen cable (I actually need a Micro-USB cable, not Mini), but I remain skeptical, because I've seen unboxing videos and they talked about how flexible it is, yet when they unpacked it, the cable remained coiled up like a wire.

I found a razer USB replacement cable (pic) and you can already see in the picture that it is like a paracord. It looks just like the cable on my mouse, which if you coil it up and let go of it, it collapses like a rope.

Edit: I actually considered doing a paracord mod for my USB cable myself, just thought maybe there are such one can buy.
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I went ahead and made my own paracord cables. Flexible like a shoe lace.


The black one actually is a shoe lace. :D