UV Cheiftech Mod [un-named]


Limp Gawd
Feb 4, 2003
well, after having this case for about 6 months now, and being deep into the summer months bored at home, i decided to give my case a much needed dose of eye candy

here is the case as it stands,


my case is very similar to that one, except for the body of the case is flat black, and the side panel lacks a window, the faceplate and other details are all the same

First, i plotted out what i wanted in the case, i would be keeping all my original hardware, except for my psu for this mod, as with the added fans it could use some more juice, here are the guts:

asus A7N8X
mobile 2400 at 2.3 with new cooler
2x pc2100 256 ddr samsung
saphire 9600xt overclocked to 680 mem 520 core
audigy 2 platinum
usb controler
120 western digital 7200 rpm hdd
dvd 8x drive
fast burner, don't remember specifics

for the mod i went and bought:

12 of these UV fans


a fan adapter to mount one of the fans to my heat sink, blue UV reactive


enough fan grills for my whole case


a green UV sleeving kit


a 92mm UV fan for my left panel area to blow over the hdd


dual 12 inch UV cathodes


-a nice 480 watt thermaltake psu


and some really nice brushed aluminum handles, that fold up and down

and those are all the parts going to be used in this mod

what i want to do to the case:

-twin 80 mm blow holes out the top
-a nice, clean classy window with two intake 80mms
-handles on the top
-remove lower hard drive cage
-cut out the existing built in fan grills
-mod the psu fan controllers into a CD bay drive cover
- and lastly my friend that owns an auto body shop is gonna paint the whole thing, chasi included flat black

after two days of working on and off, here is what i have done

i got it all striped down, parts taken out and put into a temp case, drilled out the rivets that where holding in the lower hdd drive cage, installed handles, and cut out the top blow holes, i also drew out the specs for the window on the side panel, its probably gonna see the jigsaw tonight or tomorrow, and the drive face pannels are already dyed black

on to pics!! sorry about not directly linking them, I'm looking for somewhere to host them but all my usual hosts are down right now for some reason :(

i think I'm going to etch this onto the window

its my personal logo, spells out my name, Ian

either etch it or, spray it on with blue stained glass paint

and i think I'm gonna buy, or make a fan controller for the door, and top fans, if i buy one it will be this one in black

You're probably gonna wanna change all those images, according to the rules you have to host them yourself.
Yeah, very nice mod indeed. Your going to use all 12 fans? 2 for intake, 2 for exhaust, and one for CPU, where does that leave the other 7? Well keep us updated.
2 front, 2 back, 2 top, 2 side, 2 psu and one for the cpu, i got an extra one if i mess up something, and it is easiest to put on the order now

im still debating weather or not to put the ones in the psu, because it voids the warrenty, but ive never been one to worry about that, lol
As long as the sticker isn't ripped it is fine :cool:. Be creative...

Looking nice. Your cats kick ass. You really do need to host the pics yourself. You gunna get smacked like I did :(.

Instead of etching or painting that on the window why not do what I am doing in my mod here.

Then file down the edges a little so not to cut off your fingers and then put plexi behind it.

It would be simple with yours because it is all straight lines.

I accually need to work on me mod a little more today.

Have fun.
i was going to, but the existing fan grill on the panel threw a monkey wrench in my design plans, so i said screw it

and the logo is 100 percent of my creation, I'm an aspiring artist, and its my signature :D
and mods, sorry for leeching bandwith, but until i find a host that allows direct linking is it ok if i use svc's images?? i mean i paid for the product, lol and i dont think they will be running out of it any time soon, i could see if it was like a mom and pop operation or something, but its svc

finished sanding down the case chasi today, now all i got to do is finish up the side panels and I'm ready to send it off to paint :D


also, my psu came in today, but not my svc order :(,

should i mod the UV fans into my psu or leave the smart fans from thermal take in there?? in this case I'm thinking that the warranty isn't worth giving up for the added cool factor.

what do you think??


i also recomend hosing your own pics, stealing bandwidth is a crime as dumb as that sounds. if you need a host i will do it for you for free
www.1stclasspcs.com/uploader :) just keep the pics clean (no pr0n or anything like that ;) )

have fun, and good luck with the modding
big update

got the window all cut out and cleaned up today, along with the other side pannel stripped and sanded down, so its all ready for paint!!!

should be going out friday and getting done over the weekend!!!

its gonna get sandblasted, then primed, then painted with the flatblack, then have a clear coat put on, after that, im all set for the lexan mounting, and putting all my parts in :D

on to pix






this looks interesting.

heh, isn't sanding fun? i love sanding large surfaces by hand!

those fan holes are more evenly spaced than anything i've done yet:p
do you know if you could get that front panel anywhere? i like the look of it, if you cant, i might just have to make one ;-)
i don't think you can get the case anymore, i got it on sale at new egg and i haven't seen them since

but good luck on finding one, they are really sweet
damnit, that sucks. anyway, since you have ur case apart right now, i would recomend cutting the grills off, makes it look 10x better and it gives alot better airflow. Even though they arent very restrictive to begin with i was suprised by how much more air pumped threw
I don't mod things I can't afford to replace... well.. most of the time.
Most things I already have a backup of anyway. ;)

If you can test the psu for a few days to make sure it isn't a dud, that would be good. Besides that, it should last as long as normal. Mod or no mod.
Morphes said:
i would recomend cutting the grills off, makes it look 10x better and it gives alot better airflow. Even though they arent very restrictive to begin with i was suprised by how much more air pumped threw

SquiDDy said:
what i want to do to the case:
-cut out the existing built in fan grills

reading r good!