Using a Pelican Case to transport PC


Limp Gawd
Jul 20, 2016
Hey everyone

I've seen some videos of people building PC's in Pelican cases, but that is not the goal I am after. I'm curious how does everyone transport their computers when traveling? I moved from Indiana to Phoenix January 2018 and when I go home to visit I fly. Last time I visited I left my PC at home and now I want to find away to bring it with me when I go.

I've been looking into Pelican cases (and alternative manufacturers) to see if that would be an option, but I am falling short here as well due to the size of my case (NZXT H500). I think in order for me to do this I have to downsize cases and potentially my Rad.

PC gaming, for me, always has been a challenge when wanting to take your gaming experience with you. A console makes life easy, but console yeah that is not an option. Something else that I can consider not an option is a gaming laptop, hard pass on that waste of money.

Sorry for the long post, but again my question is has anyone used a Pelican case to transport a PC on a flight? If not, what other methods have you used?


Jan 20, 2012
Just a regular old suitcase, PC wrapped in bubble wrap. Pull the GPU beforehand, it's the one component I worry about breaking.


Feb 17, 2017
I would pull the GPU as mentioned.. The AIO is probably fine, most of the mass is secured to case, if it were a tower cooler I'd pull it. I'm not sure what hard drives you have. If it's not carry-on, you may want to just store those in a carry-on bag. Just pad the suitcase and you'll be fine. I've sent a PC from the upper midwest to California with less caution and it worked for a long while.