USB back bracket


Jun 23, 2013
So I just finished building a new computer, and I have a 1.5yr old Logitech Webcam that apparently has issues with usb 3. I'm trying to get a usb 2 port to connect it to. I've installed a back usb expansion bracket that came with my old computer that I never used, but I'm still having the same issues (only the microphone is picking up data, the camera stays off). I've verified that the cam does work with a separate computer. Does a usb hub plugged into the headers on the motherboard need drivers to function properly? Is it possible I just need to get a new back bracket? I've tried plugging the cam in via a usb2 hub plugged into a usb3 port but it still doesn't work.

The old bracket is the one that came with this:
The MSI site doesn't list any drivers specifically for the bracket.

My new motherboard is this:

Alternatively, should I just buy a new bracket from Asus:
(I can't seem to find a comparable product on Newegg. I know they aren't very well liked here, but its generally free 2 day shipping since I live near their warehouse.)
What OS are you using? Is it the same on the old MOBO?
Does your webcam transmit audio and video through USB together or use a mic jack?
Have you update the BIOS?
Installed all drivers for the MOBO, the USB bracket is just a straight connection from the MOBO to USB ports and have no circuits so it should be fine.
See if Logitech have updated drivers for the cam or OS.
I'm using Win7, yes.

The cam transmits a/v through USB together.

I have updated the drivers / bios for the mobo.

I'm using the latest driver for the cam from Logitech; however, their site says that have compatability issues with USB3 ports on the cam which is why I'm trying to use a USB2 port. Was hoping plugging the usb2 bracket into the headers on the mobo would kill the issue.
Might be in the settings somewhere then.
Maybe a the video need to be enabled.
Have you check in device manager to see if there are drivers not installed.

What is the model of the webcam?