USB 3.0 power for external slimline dvd burner?


May 12, 2000
I recently bought 2 of these:

I back up my dvd movies especially the animated because my 8 year old grand daughter manages to destroy them eventually. I store the ISO image on an external drive.

Since I have been using these enclosures, they are USB 3.0 one cable. I have had problems
burning the image to dvd. I use Imageburn. I get layout error and read errors when verifying.

I also have 2 older rose will usb 2.0 enclosures using laptop burners, rarely do I have a problem. they have two usb cables data and power.

I know that Usb 2.0 is 500 ma and Usb 3 is 900 ma. I am thinking that two 500 ma connections just make it work. but 900 ma does not. I checked the power requirements on one of the burners in a usb 3.0 enclosure it is 5V @ 1.5A.

The reason I went for Usb 3.0 was to eliminate the second cable and there is no auxillary power input on those enclosures. I have hdd caddies in all my laptop thats why the external.

Is there a 900 ma or less slimline burner out there? Has anyone had similar luck?

Thanks for any info...