US Court Allows Media Company to Control Pirate Streaming Domains


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May 18, 1997
The biggest media company in Manila, ABS-CBN, is working to shut down "pirate sites" using courts here in the United States while wrapping itself in the cloak of protecting consumers from malware. A district court in Florida has ordered registries to take control of 19 domains used to operate pirate streaming sites. The order was issued and these 19 sites have been taken offline with all domains redirecting to a page. Torrent Freak mentions that the court too has ordered that the identity of the offending domain operators identities be exposed. While there is no more information on that portion of the case, it will be interesting to see what becomes of it and where the targets of the unmasking are located.

“After the New Registrar has effected this change, the Subject Domain Names shall be placed on lock status, preventing the modification or deletion of the domains by the New Registrar or the Defendants,” the order reads.

To my understanding, domain masking services are of little use since 2015 when new Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy rules went into effect.
Any bets on how long before they try to take down youtube and facebook for people posting content that wasn't googles/facebooks fault.

from my reading, they had a number of sites illegally streaming their copyrighted content. since the registar was here in the states, they went through the court system to get them shut down.

not seeing a problem with that

also, if you go to one of the offending sites now

you will see quite the list of docs showing the legal challenge

also, if you go to the main story link, you will see them going after people programming set top boxes to get unpaid access to their content too

good for them