Untitled - Fubar's LAN Rig

the GA-7DPXDW-P...honestly, i really like it...others have had better luck with the other dual socket a boards but i have a soft spot with this one...i think with better northbridge cooling i could attain a much higher FSB but the problem is finding a cooler to fit it...
Hmm, looking forward to what you'll be doing with the fugly-ass front grill, dunno if you've mentioned that yet... I bought one of these recently myself though and I'm already trying to figure out what to do 'bout it, saw something that might fit nicely at a kitchen appliance store... :D
i haven't decided what to do with the grill yet...not sure if i wanna put some sort of design on it or dye it or paint it, etc...no clue...i guess i'll have to see when i get it assembled...sometime...whenever that is...lol