Limp Gawd
Aug 10, 2006
I have had this U2711 for the past 6 years thanks to an [H] member and my nephew wants an upgrade from his 1080p.

I am afraid that without having a 144hz IPS panel side by side I will not be able to discern a difference. For those of you upgrading from a great monitor with 60hz and moved on to 120hz+ --- is it worth it?

At this time we have decided upon an Acer Predator xb271hu and a U2715. ($750 vs $510)

The Pred x271hu has great reviews compared to the ASUS - but inferior warranty to Dell. The Dell UltraSharp is a newer version of the one I use so I am biased in believing it will be just as great -- plus the warrant exchanges even for 1 dead pixel -- but inferior refresh rate.

What would you choose? At this time I'm edging to the cheaper u2715 because consistent 60fps at 60hz should be just as smooth as 144hz if you are between 60-144fps due to hardware limitations. I used to have a 120hz crt back in the day and got used to this 60hz panel and never looked for anything more.

Am I making the right choice in saving money by not buying into the marketing, that says a 144hz+ stock image vs the Gaussain Blur applied 60hz stock image is superior therefore demand a superior price?
Well I guess there is no interest in this topic which means I just need to buy the 165hz Acer and see for myself.
Bummer. I'm in a similar situation - I have the same U2711 for 6 years - not sure what to buy. Which did you do and was it enough of an upgrade to be worthwhile?
Consider the Dell S2716. Its not an ultrasharp, but colors are pretty good calibrated.
Of course there is a massive difference going from 60 to 144 or even 165.
Of course there is a massive difference going from 60 to 144 or even 165.

I realize there is with that change. I've been looking at the curved 34" monitors and they all are 60 Hz refresh rates. If you look at the 4k monitors you have to go down to 27" to get higher refresh rates. I know there are a few exceptions but I'm generalizing here. I keep waiting for the panels to improve and it's not happening. There is OLED coming out but they are prohibitively expensive. Of course there are VA panels too for the best color. I thought there was somethine else that was a hybrid but I can't find it. I think that I'll be waiting on the "ideal" monitor like everyone else. OLED will be interesting but I have no reason to spend that much money right now.
I understand your pain OP, my U3014 just bit it, have had it since the month it was released and U3011 before that, I have no idea what to replace it with. All I know is that using what was my secondary monitor (27" 1440P) as current primary feels way too small. Never felt it was too small or low res until now. Brought out my U2412 out of storage as my secondary for now and it feels/looks like a toy, probably because i've never used it since I got a new massive home office desk. I'll likely going to go with a 40" 4k Samsung. Wish there was a 34-36" 4k with freesync 85-100hz monitor out there though, would definitely pick that up.
You can get curved 3440*1440 displays that clock to 100 Hz and have Gsync so pretty good compromise.
I had the U2711 prior to getting the ROG Swift and I am very satisfied with my upgrade. If you're a gamer, especially an FPS gamer the difference is massive. The U2711 was a smearfest for FPS games, while motion is super smooth and FPS gaming is truly enjoyable on the ROG Swift. After this I could never go back to 60Hz, never; which is a shame because I would like to move up to 4k, but I won't even consider it until 120Hz panels are available. That said the colours are not quite as nice on the ROG Swift, but with the new 120Hz 1440p IPSs that may be a good compromise.
Just a thought, but isn't the UP2716D really the newest version of the U2711, where the U2713 was the first update to the U2711, since these are the wide gamut models of UltraSharps? The U2715H is the standard gamut in 27" with the U2717D being the latest model. I'm not sure whether being wide gamut would have affected things with gaming versus just a standard IPS panel.
I actually have the U2711h as well as the Acer XB270HU (gsync). Honestly, the Acer is a great monitor if you do well in the panel lottery. Mine was flawless right out of the box, but I do know a lot of folks have complained about QC issues so look into that.

In terms of uses, my U2711 is getting quite long in the tooth and there are noticeable differences while gaming. That being said, I still do all of my photo editing exclusively on the U2711h. It holds color better and in general is more consistent. The Acer is fine for pretty much everything day to day, but if you do any professional level work or need to do graphics / design work, you'll be better served with a newer Ultrasharp. If you are gaming and the like, 120hz or higher.