Twitter's Neural Network Crops Images Intelligently


Just Plain Mean
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May 18, 1997
I am fairly sure that many of you have seen a large picture that is posted to a social media account, and then the content system crops that down to a small thumbnail. Many times you might have noticed, especially if you are the person making the post, that the thumbnail does not really show what you wanted to with the larger picture. The new-way and the old-way comparison below is a good example of what needs to be improved on, and Twitter seems to have figure out how to do this in real time.

Together, these two methods allowed us to crop media 10x faster than just a vanilla implementation of the model and before any implementation optimizations. This lets us perform saliency detection on all images as soon as they are uploaded and crop them in real-time.

These updates are currently in the process of being rolled out to everyone on, iOS and Android. Below are some more examples of how this new algorithm affects image cropping on Twitter.
So if someone posts a photo of one of those Instagram prostitutes it'll crop/zoom in on their cleavage?!

I might need to investigate this.....