Twitter Smytes Customers


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Twitter just acquired Smyte, a startup that provides anti-abuse and anti-fraud services to its clients. Normally you would think this is a good thing because Twitter is going to use it to do the same sort of things on their platform. However, as soon as Twitter acquired Smyte they shut down the API and left all the companies that depended on Smyte completely in a lurch with little or no warning. Good going Twitter, you guys sure are nice. Smells like a few lawsuits might be forthcoming if contracts were broken.

According to reports from those affected, Smyte disabled access to its API with very little warning to clients, and without giving them time to prepare. Customers got a phone call, and then – boom – the service was gone. Clients had multi-year contracts in some cases.
Makes me think Twitter was afraid of this software for some reason, couldn't have someone else running it and possibly checking on them one day.