Twitter Overstating User Numbers for 3 Years


Jun 22, 2008
Apparently for the past three years, Twitter has been misleading with the amount of users on its social media platform. The company overestimated its monthly active users by a count of over 1 million extra users due to counting users on third-party apps. Instead of the previously reported 328 million, it is closer to 326 million, but does not factor in the possible 15 percent bots in its user base.

It could also deepen investors' concerns about Twitter's growth. "We see little progress towards attracting new users, which we believe is essential in order to generate advertiser demand going forward," said Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter in a note.
I don't know if statistically, this "error" would make much of a difference. I think the real stat investors should look at is the difference between registered users and active users. I have a twitter account, that I created solely for the purpose of gaining an extra entry in a give-away. I don't use it at all. I certainly am not a person Twitter can monetize, but I will be counted among the 326 million users.
so instead of 328 million it was 326 million?

It's within a reasonable margin of error. If they were claiming twice as many users as they actually have, that would be a problem. The bots are the real issue.