Twitter Ads New Political Candidate Labels


Just Plain Mean
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May 18, 1997
Twitter is adding labels to political candidates accounts in order for those to be properly identified from fake and parody accounts that are often seen. Seems like a good move to us.

Both the candidate’s account and the tweets from it will get labels. The labels will appear on retweets as well as tweets off of Twitter, such as when they are embedded in a news story.
while i dont care much for WHAT is said on some twitter feeds... i do like how it is unfiltered by the media so i can make up my own mind.. knowing what was actually said, and not what some "journalists" wants to relay..
Twit's on Twitter. everyone lie's on the Internet (I'm a hot 18 y/o female so I now what I'm talking about)

if anyone uses twitter feeds to make up your mind about ANYTHING we are in trouble.
though that would explain a lot about 2010 - today
The amount of scamming on twitter is out of control. This is a good thing. I see the ethereum scam all the time. Send x amount of ether and you'll get 2x back or some crap.
In addition to adding the labels, Twitter should also not allow elected candidates, using their personal accounts for political business, to block citizens:D