TSMC to prioritize production of chips for cars, not your next graphics card


given the availability of new ones right now that may be a steal.
Yeah part of me is thinking "How much is this global everything shortage going to fuck me over" It's one thing when I can't get a video card, I have old shit it still works and I'm not really missing out because it's the level I'm used to, but the emphasis there is "it still works"
you may want to try toyota this time... that way you dont' have to worry about any more engines. just stuff like brakes and oil changes. until you get to around 250,000 mi then maybe a starter

edit: never seen anyone have good luck with nissans
You make a terrible error, 90's nissan sentras with 5spd transmission can last a long time so can the 80's and 90's hardbody trucks with 5 and in early 00's 6spd transmissions.