Try on Clothes Virtually with Amazon Blended Reality Mirror


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Amazon has patented a blended reality mirror that will allow customers to try on clothes virtually to see how they look. Supposedly, this technology will allow the virtual clothes to move with the customer in real time. This could be a real boon for Amazon in the apparel market place. You can check out the patent here.

“When the user views the mirror, the user sees a reflection from the mirror of illuminated objects in the scene and the transmitted images from the display device through the mirror, the transmitted images being perceived as part of the reflected scene,” the patent explains
Even T-Shirt sizes are drastically different between manufacturers these days, I just don't see ordering clothes on a regular basis being a viable business for a while. Obviously I mean outside of the main articles of clothing.

I hate clothes shopping, what I hate more is return mailing items because it wasn't what I was expecting.
How many seconds will it take before someone mods it to make a celeb give you a blended reality bj?
Thanks Amazon for just now catching up to 1995 level of technology of Cher's closet in "Clueless". :meh:

so,, an actual mirror. But thats only going to be useful in a store. though when they can get it to replace the actual mirror(s) that people have at home, then i could see it selling well
Sounds like something I see a lot of people having fun with. Just make it like VR Chat.

This won't change how the clothes actually feel when you really try it on like the fitting room. Hell there are times I looked at a pair of jeans and said yea these look pretty good without trying them on and buying them only to get home and not like they way they felt after actually putting them on.
Countdown to a "compromised" e-mirror spewing pictures of a 300 pound man trying on lingerie.

That's going right on the list of things we'll never be able to unsee.
So umm, does it make me look naked in the mirror even though I'm wearing clothes? I think TSA might be interested in using this if so ;).