Trouble Transfering Files


Apr 28, 2007
So I had a large file on my old windows 98 pc that I wanted to transfer to my gaming machine. I do this all the time but there seems to be a problem transfering this one. It gets about half-way through the transfer process when it gives an error of something like destination no longer exists or there was xxxxxxxxx( i dont remember the last one). What could be causing this? I havent had any trouble before. And why arent my files transfering at 54mbps?
1. You should've posted this in Networking & Security, not the Networking Gallery because this area is meant for pictures.

2. I assume you are using wireless g?

3. Windows 98 is bad and you should think about upgrading

4. Large File Transfers over Wireless is bad because the potential for the connection to be dropped is very likely.

5. I suggest sending it through some method that can just resume transfers, such as FTP.

6. You will never get 54mbps on G, there are too many variables that play into wireless and those are just market figures, not real life figures. You do understand it's in bits not bytes, so it's actually 6.75megabytes a second?
I have this same problem. I have VISTA + Win2003 server, and even with wired computer i don;t get the file transfer complete. My server is a domain controller + Active Directory, and i am file sharing also.

I wonder what causing this problem?
I don't know if this is what you are getting, but for a while I would get an error saying "not enough system resources" when trying to copy a large file. The machine is running Vista. I found a KB article on it, and the fix for now is to restart your computer... After a restart it would work right though.