TPCast Air Reportedly Works with Occulus Go and Quest


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Mar 3, 2018
TPCast was one of the first companies to enter the wireless VR market. The original TPCast untethered VR users from their PCs, while the TPCast Plus reportedly worked out some of the kinks. HTC recently launched their own wireless streaming solution, and we reviewed MSI's more unorthodox approach to a "wireless" VR experience. TPCast was at CES again this year, and UploadVR reports that they had something particularly interesting on display. Instead of targeting "tethered" PC VR headsets, the TPCast Air is explicitly designed for standalone headsets like the Oculus Go. The TPCast Air can wirelessly stream content from a PC to an Oculus Go, giving the stand-alone device the full power of a big CPU and GPU. A representative told UploadVR that the Air will support the Occulus Quest headset as well, which makes it an interesting proposition for potential customers that want to use a single VR headset on the go and on their PC.

Now since the Oculus Go isn't a 6DOF headset and it only has one single 3DOF controller, there is only a very limited use-case for a device like this on that headset. You can't expect to play full games on it at all and anything that needs you to move around more than just looking up and down or side to side is a no-go (pun intended)... What makes TPCast Air particularly exciting though, from a tech perspective, is that it will support the Oculus Quest as well. That means that you can use your Quest like normal, playing ports of games such as Superhot and The Climb, but then also enable the TPCast Air to stream over content from Steam VR. Since the Quest is a 6DOF headset with two 6DOF controllers, you've basically got a wireless Rift that can also be a standalone for travel. Pair it with a laptop and you've got a really flexible setup.
Sounds like someone throwing toilet paper...

They really need to work on how they come up with these names :p
I'm not seeing how this is functionally different. What am I missing here? @_@
Neither of the standalone headsets has a powerful computer behind it.
The Air allows you to connect either headset to your PC or a laptop for gaming.
Does this mean Oculus Rift = Oculus Quest when the TPlink device is connected to either and to the user's PC?
Does this mean Oculus Rift = Oculus Quest when the TPlink device is connected to either and to the user's PC?

I'm sure it would add a non-zero amount of delay to responsiveness. I wouldn't sell my wired headset just yet.