TITAN X Pascal Announced?


Sep 5, 2008
From NVIDIA's Instagram...can't find anything else official on it. Must be a mistake?

Screenshot in case it gets taken down:

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It's hard to believe that they'd called it the Titan X. Unless the X is a code for something that will changed for retail. Definitely looking into this though. Just not happy with SLI at this point and thinking I'd sticking to the fastest single card for now.
GPU Engine Specs:
3584NVIDIA CUDA® Cores

1417Base Clock (MHz)
1531Boost Clock (MHz)

Memory Specs:
10 GbpsMemory Speed

12 GB GDDR5XStandard Memory Config

384-bitMemory Interface Width

480Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)

So 40% more cores than a 1080 and 4GB more RAM. Slower GPU clockspeed (190 MHz on base, 202 MHz on boost). Ram bandwidth gets a 50% boost from 320 GB/sec to 480 GB/sec (384-bit memory interface vs 256-bit memory interface).
That's one stupid name, when did Nvidia become Apple?

3,584 Cuda cores is probably so they can die harvest for yields. $1,200 is a lot to spend on a GPU, I know I'm not buying one.
People asking about the naming. "Pascal the power of 10" has been their marketing with these. Titan X. Titan 10. Pascal is 10. 1000 series. It's dumb and confusing having it for 2 cards but I guess it's like what apple does. MacBook (2016) etc. So it'll be Titan x 2016
Woohoo 4k at 60fps? @ probably 1200usd

I think that's the ticket here. One new Titan X should be able to consistently hold 60 FPS at max settings @ 4k for the first time. AMD doesn't even have a two card solution that can do that now. This $1200. We totally need more competition here. It's just not there.
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1200 for 25-30% more performance? meh.. no competition tax.