Tickets to Compete in the Mario Kart Inspired Mushroom Rally Are Now on Sale


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Apr 10, 2003
16 cities have been designated as stops for the Mushroom Rally in 2019. These races are an opportunity for Mario Kart fans to experience the Nintendo video game in real life by racing go-karts on a go-kart track. The finalists from the 16 heats in 16 cities will be invited to the finals in sin city, Las Vegas later in the year. Even if you aren't the best at driving go-karts, events will have other ways to collect stars to get an invite for a trip to Las Vegas. Spots are extremely limited.

Participants get to dress up as their favorite Mario Kart characters (costumes are provided at the event) and then zoom around a custom track, collecting stars to win prizes. The winner of each event then gets two tickets to Las Vegas where they'll compete in the grand finale for a chance to win the Mushroom Rally USA title. Tickets are $55 and include a costume to wear, 30 minutes of racing and admission to the after party. The exact location of the race is still being kept a secret. All ages are welcome to race, as long as you're at least four feet tall.


Oct 20, 2010
Idk sounds like it could be fun actually. The wife is a big Mario kart fan. Would be nice if they disclosed the full 16 cities instead of just a few.


Feb 13, 2012
I love karting, even if I havan't been in years, but getting dressed in some hand me down costume that may or may not have been washed, you'd have to pay me for that!

Also they could have done it better, I had envisioned some sort of weapon system that could "unlock/lock" speed from the kart, pick up a star gain ~25% hp for 10-20sec, get hit by a turtle shell and it cuts fuel off for 3 sec (shell could be tagged by a laser in front of the kart) ... that kind of stuff would have made it much more interesting.


Nov 18, 2008
I see Nintendon't throwing out some bananas or red turtle shells at this event.
AH HA HA HA.. I was going to say, this is not as good as actual mario kart because you cannot chuck shells at passing cars or collect a star and "knock them out" ^.^


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Jul 21, 2000
I dunno....seems kinda lame.
"oh here, lets throw around a few yellow block, some mushrooms and let the customers wear these tatty things and charge a shitload for a "Mariocart" experience"

It could be cooler....but its not
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