Tick Tock - #BeForeTheGame

I wonder if Jensen will be in better form today than his Siggraph presentation. The stuff he was saying during that was interesting (at points) but he was so off that it made it hard to watch.
This is not a good sign: if they can't start the presentation on time, can they ship on time?
"I'm super-excited to be here..." <<<--- Only makes me remember the South Park character that would scream this constantly. :)
Yeah, I think most people are watching, just waiting for it to end, or at least find when the cards go on sale (which typically is at the moment the presentation ends).
"I don't know if RTX is going to happen anytime soon."

Ugh, so cringeworthy. Yeah, these cards have been so locked down in secrecy, people just voluntarily watch this with excitement of totally knowing nothing...
Our Highly estemed and great leader is about to come out in his glorious black jacket to show us new cards:D
I never attend these kinds of things, and this is the first time I've been bored enough to watch one, but I've never seen so many hoodies / unbuttoned button-downs / sports jackets over nerdy T-shirts in one place in my life.

My wife likes to say I'm a nerd, and I always have to remind her - I'm a geek, not a nerd. She never would have married a nerd (to which she inevitably agrees).
All the leaks were wrong!!! GTX 1180. I bet he is fucking with us...

if anything, the leaks all contributed to the hype... it worked in their favor.. not like AMD had something they could pull out of their ass and beat nVidia to the punch..
There's these...rays?...that do...stuff?

I know he's not a technical sort of guy, but you'd think he would have the ability to express why the new tech is something we should give a shit about without stammering around and talking about random stuff that doesn't matter.