Thoughts on Monoprice Tablets?


Mar 30, 2010
Need a tablet for work (became lead Marketing) and just ordered the incredibly priced 8x6inch tablet they have for sale.

I've only read positive reviews and just wanted to know peoples take on them from here.

Well I guess since no one has any comments I'll just make a review once I get mine in case people are curious and want to know.
Yeah, just ordered the 8x6 inch for $39.29

Heres the specs:

- 1024 pressure sensitivity levels.
- 2540 LPI resolution for pinpoint accuracy.
- 100 RPS report rate for speed.

So a 8x6 inch tablet for under $40...can't beat that on paper!

Anyways, review will come when I get it this Friday (according to UPS)...keep this updated!

First off I'm not going into detail here...if you have ever used a Wacom tablet I can officially confirm that these MonoPrice tablets (mine at least) is as every bit as accurate as a Wacom (I owned and used a Bamboo).

The tablet has hover, pressure sensitivity, pen-point accuracy etc etc etc...point is...IF YOU WANT A TABLET BUT CAN NOT AFFORD A WACOM THIS TABLET PROVIDES THE EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE AND USABILITY! PERIOD.

Build quality for the actual tablet itself is good...I wouldn't say super isn't solid steel...but for the price I was certainly expecting less. I can easily see this surviving daily trips, some drops, etc. In a word, solid.

The only problems I have is that:

- The pens included with the tablet are VERY feeling plastic, mushy side buttons etc...garbage...BUT usable none the less.

- The high-end pen (the one they sell separately for $10) is a world different, but still kinda cheap. All plastic...go figure...however, it is still a worthy expenditure over the stock included pens.

- The pens ARE battery powered (single AAA battery)...even this I don't really consider a drawback though. Why? Well how about because I just purchased a 8x6' active area tablet for forty freakin dollars...

Well thats about it. If you have used a Wacom you know what to expect. If you haven't read other reviews that go more in-depth...all I can say is that build quality is good, drivers are good, usability is good...everything is good...except the included pens.

Hope you enjoy and PLEASE pick one up! You CANNOT be disappointed...if you are, you are probably just a Wacom snob and don't want to admit you've been played! ;-)
I have had the 10x6 monoprice for over a year now and I do heavy work in Artrage/Sketchbook Pro. I have absolutely no complaints using it. replaced my smaller intuos 2 and it works every bit as well for 1/4 the price of a comparable wacom.

That being said, i have heard units are iffy, as in not everyone seems to get a quality built one. But for the people who get a well built model they get great reviews.
I just got the Huion H610 ($55 shipped from Amazon). It's pretty similar to the monoprice but the pen seems a bit nicer (I don't own a monoprice). So far it's been a pretty good tablet and quite comparable to my Intuos3 if not better on some areas. The build quality of the tablet and pen is pretty decent and the buttons are better than on the intuos3.

I contacted monoprice and UC Logic to see when the HA61S (the successor to the HA60 on monoprice) would be available from monoprice and UC Logic informed me it would be in May.
I been wondering about these tablets. Good to see the reveiw and thanks for sharing. Helps make my decision to get one.
Wacom has a monopoly but there is no tablet that can touch it. Of course you pay for it, a medium intuos 5 is 250-350.

I use my tablets so much that i can justify paying the premium (I did just get rid of my cintiq and looking to just get an intuos but I do not think I trust this monoprice tablets)
Hi guys: just looking at the conversation and I know that there are alot of tablets available these days, But it's been my experience that you tend to get what you pay for kinda thing. It may be better to opt for a tablet that has alot of great reviews and pay a little more. If you can justify the cash
I have the 22" HD tablet from Monoprice and for the money it is excellent. I am very happy with the purchase.
Got the 10" tablet for my art-school attending sister 3 years ago, and she has had no complaints after a driver update early on in her experience. Works great.